Studio Lights & Natural Light Studio
Our studio uses both specialised studio lights (suitable for sensitive newborn eyes) and natural light. Chelsea has worked with natural light for over a decade, and is her favourite source of lighting for photography in many ways, however after sourcing specialised lighting equipment designed especially for sensitive newborn eyes she has found a new love for creating and controlling light on a whole new level. Being able to have this level of control with light allows us to capture you and your family in the best way, every time, no matter what is happening outside or inside. For newborn sessions we keep it very warm, and if needed we have heaters to warm up the room and to warm up your baby directly on those cooler days so they're happy to be naked/less dressed and unswaddled for their newborn portraits. Our big beanbag pictured is used for a portion of newborn sessions and has various blankets on top to suit your preferred style and colour choice.
Sit back and Relax!
Parents get to sit comfortably on our studio couch close by, while they watch over their new baby being photographed, and enjoy a glass of cold water and a snack brought along for the session. Although we don't offer snacks, we will have a fresh bottle of water available with glasses for you to use during your session.
There are magazines and albums for you to look through while you relax, although some of our dads have had a quick nap while they're here, making their experience all that much better! We encourage you to sit back and enjoy your session while we take care of your gorgeous little newborn. If you get too hot, or just want some fresh air, we have a lovely area outside surrounded by beautiful flowers in the summer time. We are a smoke-free zone, so there is no smoking permitted anywhere on our property, including out front of our property as the smoke often comes into the studio and our home.
We thank all of our clients for respecting the studio rules.
Hair & Make Up
When adding on make up to a studio session, our clients are invited into the studio to meet with one of our professional Make up Artists, who pampers our client for about 40 minutes to 1.5 hours depending on the type of make up requested at our make up vanity. Our Make up Artist shas all of their own make up supplies, including a large range of skin colours for foundations. If you have any special requests for your Hair and Make up, just make sure you talk to us about it before your session so we can confirm and prepare for your needs.
Studio & Location Sessions
We offer two options when it comes to clients wanting a location to be incorporated into their session. Both of these options are not included in our base packages and are added on as an additional fee, so you will need to talk to us about booking these special add ons with your session. When we go on location we have special Branded bags to transport our Bambinibabe Gowns and props (pictured on the rack), which hold a selection of gowns in your choice of style and colour!
Your Ordering Session
When your gallery is ready to view, we will contact you to come back into our studio to view your beautiful gallery and create your collection from our beautiful range of products. You will also have the opportunity to look at our samples, and see a range of options with our collections. Whatever it is that you want, we will be able to answer any questions you have and help you select the best options for you and your family. This session is designed to help you choose the best options and get exactly what you want! We are proud to provide this premium service to all of our clients, so you can enjoy your entire experience from start to finish.
You are given a full pricelist before booking in, so you will know exactly what we offer and how much everything will be worth before your ordering session. No surprises!
Arriving and Parking at the Studio
When you arrive at the studio, you will see a sign on the fence underneath the letterbox.
There is a car park reserved just for you in front of the house in the drive way.
Once you have parked your car, you will see lovely big French doors right in front of you, these are our studio doors! Just knock and come on in.
Please contact us to arrange a consultation, booking, or viewing.
On the other side of our studio we have a nice big change table for when you need to change your baby or get them dressed to go home (we undress them for you on arrival for their newborn portraits). We also have a huge prop cupboard, rack, and wardrobe (behind the rack), with a large amount of props to choose from! Including an extensive range of Bambinibabe Gowns for our clients to wear during their session. We have both Womens' and little girls' options, although most of our range is within the womens' sizing. We also have a new edition to the studio! A stunning prop shelving system for our natural floral halo's, crowns, tie backs, head bands, teddies, layers, blankets, flowers, outfits and more! We have so many props, every session is totally different from the last and you can be confident your session will be absolutely stunning with access to all of these unique and luxurious props from all over the world.
Hello! Welcome to our Studio, we are located in Swanson, Auckland.
Our studio is run from our family home, in a separate studio space. This means that all consultations, sessions, and viewings are done BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, so you will need to contact us if you would like to come in and discuss your session, as we are often busy with sessions, other work related tasks, and family life. You can contact us here or on 021 701 064.
We have recently renovated our studio! New photo's will be coming soon!