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The Froggy Pose

The froggy pose is a popular pose in which the baby appears to be balanced on their hands and their feet poke out from behind their elbows. This is a very cute pose and can be achieved easily with newer babies under about 3 weeks old, but as the baby gets older they start to stretch out and don't like to bring their legs up to their torso. Although there are some babies who simply don't like this pose due to being gassy or having an upset tummy, mosts will happily go into this pose as it is very similar to the burping technique often taught at birthing centres (we love teaching this to parents who want to know!). This pose, however, is always don'e with support and in two parts. The first part is where the assistant holds the baby from below the chin, and the second part is where the assistant holds the baby from the top of the head. Baby is often balanced perfectly on their hands but for safety we choose to support the baby regardless of this perfect balance as we know and understand baby's can sometimes startle or move suddenly, and even though they are so close to the blanket this would be an unpleasant movement for the baby. See the image below to see the two parts of this pose that create the gorgeous finished portrait called the froggy.


Your questions about safety

If you have any questions at all about safety, we encourage you to ask! We are completely open and transparent with what we do and how we do it because we want you to know you and your family are completely safe in our hands and we take this very fragile and cautious time in your lives seriously. Physical safety is not the only thing we take care with, but also emotional wellbeing! We make sure our new mum's are feeling well, and good throughout their time with us, we have had two children ourselves and so we understand how emotionally tough it can be in those first first weeks and we want our clients to come to a safe space thats warm, inviting, friendly and filled with love the moment you walk in the door!


Talk to us today about your next session with us, and ask all the burning questions you have! The short video below gives you a brief insight into a typical newborn session with us, you can find more videos on our services page as well if you wish to view more.


Baby Safety during your session

The safety and comfort of your baby is of the upmost importance to us both during your sessions as well as before and after you visit our studio. Care is taken when timing your session to suit both you and your baby, so if something isn't quite right we are flexible and make sure you are both healthy and happy when you come to see us. During your session we take our time, are gentle, and relaxed with the posing and wrapping of your baby. We never push a baby into a pose they are not comfortable with, although we won't give up quickly if baby just needs a little burping or pat to settle into the pose, and we always support the baby when in a position in which the baby could startle or move. Some of our photography may look as thought it is photographed as you are seeing it, but this is simply down to skilled photoshopping, and in fact the baby is always in a safe position being supported when necessary and close to the ground at all times.


The Hanging Pose

Our hanging prop poses are done in two parts, the first part is the baby being posed safely on the ground with an assistant right next to the baby, and the second part of the pose is of the prop alone being photographed hanging from a branch. These two parts are them combined to create the stunning images you see all through our website and portfolio. See the image below of the two parts being combined skillfully in photoshop.


Baby Safety


Newborn Safety Certificate from NZIPP

We have completed the Newborn Safety certificate from the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) which covers how we run our studio, the safety practices we follow, how to conduct out sessions to ensure the safety of you and your newborn and have had extensive training in newborn posing to ensure everything we do is done safely. You can find more information about the Newborn Safety Certificate here.


Auckland multi award winning Maternity and Newborn Photographer

We are a Full-Service Photographic Studio! Which means we offer; fully styled session with a huge range of props and gowns for you to choose from; a full range of services such as hair & make up, home sessions, location sessions and many other wonderful add ons to create the most extravagant experience for yourself; as well as a selection creatively edited images for you to choose from with beautiful products for you to buy.


Make sure you book your sessions well in advance, as we are often booked 1-2 months in advance.