WPPI International Photography Awards

First Place Newborn Photographer for Second Half

The international WPPI competition is the most prestigious wedding, portrait and print competition in the world, with thousands of entries from the best photographers all over the world.

There is an awards ceremony honoring the most illustrious photographers of the year, many of whom spend their entire year preparing for this competition. The competition culminates with live judging at WPPI's yearly conference and a gallery exhibition at the show taking place in Las Vegas.


Winning first place, we will receive a Crystal Trophy to celebrate our incredible First Place win in this category!

“When a Gold award is awarded, it’s a rarity. So the celebrations are huge. And that’s the thing, with these competitions, a Gold award is something photographers chase their entire career. They’re not just handed out, a lot of skill goes into creating a Gold award.”

- Kelly Brown

New Zealand NZIPP - IRIS Awards

RISE International Photography Awards

Maternity Photographer of the year Finalist for 2018 and 2019

With only 17 Gold awards given out during the finals across 6 categories (Maternity, Birth, Newborn, Babies, Children and Family), we were in the top 17 portraits out of 120 finalists which were chosen from over 2000 entries. In the maternity category there were only 4 portraits awarded with a Gold, placing us in the top 4 portraits in the Maternity category. The RISE awards is an international competition inviting the best photographers from all over the world! We are thrilled to say we are one of just two New Zealand photographers (the other being in the Birth category) awarded Gold in the RISE awards!